Who We Are

Simply put, we process and supply Northern California's top companies and restaurants with the finest natural meats. Though others use the term “natural” loosely, our philosophy of “natural” means meats never-ever treated with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones from birth to harvest. We source our meats from California to the Mid-West and as far away as Italy and Spain. The farmers that produce for us farm with that same philosophy and must be able to return the land to its original state before it was used for ranching. This is why for over 25 years Bassian Farms has led the way in far exceeding USDA standards by creating our own.

In 1960 Bob Bassian started Metro Beef. It was a cow deboning plant that supplied beef cuts to the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles areas from what was then called “wholesale jobbers” Those “wholesale jobbers” would further process the beef cuts into retail-ready items such as ground beef, salami, or steak cuts. At its peak, Metro beef was processing 800 head per week. But by 1970 the company had closed its doors unable to stay profitable when faced with a diminishing supply of highly priced cattle. From 1970 to 1995 the family meat company carried the name Farmland Meat Company. When the company went to incorporate, it discovered that the name Farmland was not available to use, so the family decided to use its namesake and re-named it to Bassian Farms.

Now run by Bob's sons, Lee and Dan, we continue the tradition of sourcing and processing the finest meats available and to our standards. Since 1990, we have partnered with ranchers and growers that are striving to do the right thing in regards to meat quality, animal welfare, and raising animals without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. Bassian Farms is still leading the way as Northern California's “Never Ever” meat company. When the world's most influential companies look for a meat company in the Northern California area they pick Bassian Farms as their meat processor and supplier. We built our name on integrity, trust, and the best meats. Our service and quality is why we continue to grow and supply our long-time customers.

Bassian Farms is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau meeting accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Bassian Farms, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Meat Broker in San Jose, CA