Premium Beef

Today, too many meat companies misrepresent the word natural. The USDA defines “natural” meat as having no artificial ingredients, no added color, and that is minimally processed. Further, it doesn't indicate anything about the use of antibiotics. So “natural” is not always a meaningful statement about the use of or non-use of antibiotics.

Bassian Farms' definition and philosophy of “natural” is meats that are “never-ever” treated with antibiotics and/or artificial growth promoting agents. We sell “never-ever” meats from birth to harvest from growers and ranchers that are striving to do the right thing in regards to meat quality, animal welfare, and raising animals without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

Bassian Farms is leading the way as Northern California's “Never Ever” meat company providing truly premium beef from the best cattle growing regions of the country. Just as a wine maker chooses to purchase the best grapes from superior grape growing regions, all cattle ranches are not created equally. For instance, our bold, tender, buttery, full-flavored beef comes from Northern and Mid-western ranches and packers. Close relationships with these farmers is the reason why we offer you the finest beef available.